Coffee Hit , Clayton – $

LoveItThe café was really quiet despite being lunch time. However, it is in a shopping centre so I imagine it would be pretty busy on weekends. The background music was OK, but the place was quite noisy (aircon maybe?). 3/5

The staff were friendly enough, greeting any customers, but as mentioned before, the place was quite empty. My food was brought over and placed in front of me without a word spoken. Despite being quiet, the tables had food and dirty plates on them. 4/5

I stopped in quickly while I was waiting to pick something up from another shop in the centre, so I ordered the ‘Hand made’ Chicken and Mushroom pie made by Boscastle. It was delicious to say the least! The filling was the perfect mix of pieces of chicken and slices of mushroom with the creamy sauce. The pastry was crisp and flaky. It was served with a small ramekin of tomato sauce, cutlery and a paper napkin. I washed it all down with a soft drink. 5/5

At $5.00 for a good sized, ‘hand made’ pie, what a bargain! But to then have to fork out another $3.50 for a soft drink? Bit over of the top! 4/5

Overall, not a bad place for a quick meal or maybe a coffee and a slice of cake. 82%

Dishes I ate: ‘Hand made’ Boscastle Chicken and Mushroom pie

Spend: Pie – $ 5.00, Lift – $ 3.50

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