Lowenbrau Keller, The Rocks (Sydney) – $$

LoveItThis was not the first time that I have been to the Keller and tonight was no different to the previous visits.

Tonight was a dinner for our end of season – boys only. There was also another (huge) group celebrating a birthday plus there was an Oktoberfest celebration happening.

The place was packed! It was loud, with singing, shouting and loud music – just the right atmosphere for a boys’ night out. Not so good if you want a romantic night with your girlfriend, but it’s not really that kind of place. (4.5/5)

Despite being so busy, there is enough staff to keep everything running smoothly. The beer appeared at regular intervals, the staff were friendly and the food took around 40 minutes to arrive despite the fact that there were 3 large groups of people, many of which were eating the signature schweinshaxn(4.5/5)

What can I say – the Germans sure know how to party when it comes to food and drink! German beer is the purest in the world and served in steins only makes it better. The portions were huge and perfectly cooked (maybe a little salty for me) Not many of us managed to finish our main dish (we probably shouldn’t have had the garlic bread starter!) (4.5/5)

The Keller in my opinion is definitely value for money if only for the experience. I felt like I was at the Munich Beerfest again! The food, the steins, the waiters in their lederhosen, the music and the atmosphere all made for a great night. We paid as a group, splitting the total bill evenly, so it was hard to judge how much was spent for the night. My share was $60.00 (4/5)

After all the food was consumed, the band packed up and two DJs were introduced for the rest of the night. Tables were shifted and a dance floor appeared, making the evening even louder and more energetic.

I would highly recommend this place for its party atmosphere, German beers and huge portions if that’s the kind of night that you are looking for. If you want a couples night, avoid! (89%)

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