Bonavita Cafe Restaurant, Chirnside Park – $$$

ShoveItWe were having an early dinner for two. It was a very hot night and the restaurant was air-conditioned but still uncomfortable. There was no background music on when we arrived at 6.30pm. (3.5/5)

Despite the venue being right next door to the cinema, it wasn’t very busy but they still seemed short staffed for a while. The waitress was courteous and took our orders, but forgot to bring our drinks to the table. We had to ask somebody else. As the place filled up, more staff appeared. (3/5)

The food was not great! As it was hot, we thought that we would try something light. We ordered the tapas platter and a small pizza to share between the two of us. The pizza was good (maybe needed a little more feta to add some tang to it) but the Chef’s Choice tapas platter was extremely disappointing. Nothing was fresh – it was all deep-fried, battered pieces straight from the freezer! (2/5)

If this place was in Southbank, I wouldn’t begrudge paying $15.50 for a small pizza, but considering that this is a local restaurant in the burbs, I feel ripped off! Some of the other dishes were expensive too – chicken risotto for $25! I think not! I guess their normal prices are subsidising their movie ticket meal deals! (3/5)

We picked through a few pieces on the tapas platter and ate half of the pizza – says something about the way we felt. I would go back for another pizza, but I would never order the tapas from here again! (56%)

Dishes I ate: Chef’s Choice Tapas Platter and a small Gourmet Greek Lamb pizza

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