The Duke of Wellington, CBD – $$

ShoveItWhat a disappointing experience this turned out to be…

We arrived just after midday as we were meeting friends for a farewell lunch and drinks. As we stepped through the front door, I thought “Wow! This place has taken it up a notch!” It certainly looked the goods with a huge number of craft beers and imported beers on tap (trying to compete with Y&J up the street?), various sports on a number of flat screen TVs and the nice clean furnishings. (4/5)

It was still early and there was a grand total of about 8 people inside.

I ordered my first 2 beers and started a tab. The keg ran out halfway through the pour, so the barman offered to bring the beer over after changing the keg. Good service. Unfortunately, that was it for the day. The second time I went to the bar, there was nobody to be found and when a young lady did appear, she headed to the end of the bar to chat to two young men, ignoring the four paying customers who were lined up waiting to be served.

We ordered food about an hour later once all our friends had arrived. It still wasn’t that busy considering all the St Patrick’s Day celebrations happening in the city and the Australian GP going on in Albert Park. Yet we still waited between 45 minutes and an hour for our food – yes, it arrived over a 15 minute period. (2.5/5)

My parma was delicious and juicy (award worthy?). But the chips (which are more like skinny wedges) were horrible. Definitely re-heated in the fryer after going cold before! I wasn’t the only one with a food complaint – burnt burger, burnt burger bun, tasteless calamari.

The other major complaint was the cost of drinks – $12.00 for a 400ml Asahi?! $11.00 for a 150ml glass of local bubbly? And $15.00 for a pint bottle of Rekordlig! How absurd! (2.5/5)

When it came time to settle the bill, I was in for another shock! Lunch for my wife and I with 2 drinks each came to almost $80.00! The experience definitely wasn’t worth that kind of bill. (2/5)

The high prices unfortunately do not reflect the quality of the food or the poor service that was to be had on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I won’t be back! (57%)

Dishes I ate: Chicken Parma – $23.50, Little Creatures Pale Ale – $ 8.30 for a schooner


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