Pacific Seafood BBQ & Cafe, CBD – $

LoveItWe walked into the restaurant around 6.30pm on a Monday night and the place was a hive of activity – business men, tourists, young people, old people, people waiting to be seated, people enjoying meals. (Atm=4/5)

We were a large group and had booked a table. We were instantly seated (very close to the entrance) and our waiter attempted to take our order. Unfortunately, the language barrier was an issue and some of us got our drinks while others didn’t. We also placed food orders – various dishes to share across the table. One of our group was gluten free, so to play it safe she ordered a steak. Unfortuantely for her, they served it covered in a creamy sauce of unknown design. She scraped it off and enjoyed the steak nonetheless. (Service=2.5/5)

The dishes came out at varying times – sometimes we had too much on the table, other times we had nothing to eat. Not atypical of a Chinese restaurant I guess. But the food was excellent – no complaints from our table (which included 2 fine dining chefs!) (Food=4/5)

When all was said and done, we had spent about $40 per head on food and drink, which wasn’t bad considering how much food we ate. My taxi ride home was more than that! (Value=4/5)

Overall, the experience was a good one. We had a great night with good food. However, if you want somewhere intimate to dine, avoid this place. This is the kind of place that you have social gatherings, where people shout to be heard and eat whatever is placed in front of them! (71%)

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