Fudge’s Cafe, Chirnside Park – $$

ShoveItWe stopped in for a quick breakfast at Fudge’s Cafe this morning as we both had the Friday off. Despite a good latte, we were a little disappointed.

Recently refurbished, this little cafe has a nice atmosphere and if you can get past all the smokers, the small outdoor area is a nice addition for a shopping centre. (4/5)

It wasn’t too busy at 9am, but the woman behind the counter had literally just started her shift and wasn’t quite up to it yet (she couldn’t take our simple order). However, the food and coffees came out with-in minutes and the waiter was very friendly. (3/5)

This is the disappointing part. Our coffees were good, but our Eggs Benedict, not so much. The muffins were cold and not toasted. The ham was cold. The eggs were perfectly cooked but then drowned in cheap Hollandaise straight from a bottle. It tasted like cheap, no-name brand salad cream. It looked so good when it arrived at the table, which was a real let down. (3/5)

The food wasn’t overly expensive for the size of the portions being served. As mentioned previously, my latte was pretty good too so I would say that Fudge’s Cafe is reasonably priced. (3.5/5)

Despite a bad experience today, I would be willing to give this place another shot. This is one of my local cafes, so I would like to see it succeed. (66%)

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Eggs Benedict at Fudge's Cafe

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