With today’s modern technology and smart phones with foodie apps, everyone’s a food critic! But that’s not what this blog is about. I’m not a food critic, I just love food and craft beer – I write about what I do and don’t like, whether I had a good time or not and whether the venue offered good (read “Craft“) beer or not!

I brew my own beer occasionally and I love cooking too, so I may occasionally bore you with food stories or recipes.

Me? I’ve worked all my life in hospitality, starting in a 5 star Relais and Chateau Hotel as a wine sommelier straight out of university. I’ve managed Italian restaurants and English gastro pubs. I’ve worked in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and now Australia. One of my pubs was a runner-up in “Time Out” London Pub of the Year Awards. I love good food and I love real beers!

I live in the best city in the world (Melbourne), so I try as many different eateries as I can and I comment on them here, on Food + Beer!

How I score food experiences:

  • Atmosphere: out of 5
  • Service: out of 5
  • Food & Drink: out of 5
  • Value: out of 5
  • Overall: a percentage calculated using the above with different areas carrying more weighting than others



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